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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Six Down, Nineteen To Go

I've made it through the first 6 chapters of the galley so far. It's still reading really clean to me and I wasn't totally exhausted yesterday. Now that I'm thinking about, In the Midnight Hour had really clean galleys, too. Of course, I found more mistakes later, after it was published, so it wasn't quite as clean as I'd believed. :-( Then there was the proofreader who didn't know what keyless entry was and changed it to keys entry. I still cringe every time I think about that in my book.

Anyway, I'll try to get three read-throughs in for In Twilight's Shadow and hope my mom gets a couple of readings in as well. She spots things I don't all the time.

I've been watching National Geographic Channel and HGTV lately, and there are two commercials I see all the time that are really getting on my nerves. The first shows this red chair in the middle of a suburban street and this guy is talking about the American dream being that each person gets his own dream. I'm sooooo sick of hearing it. Talk about overbuying media time. I have no clue what the ad is for, but I'll hate that product forever because of how tired I am of seeing their commercial. :-) The second ad I'm sick of is for Direct TV and has Beyonce singing about upgrading and HD TV. This is another commercial I've seen like six million times. Give it a rest already.

And on a final note, I really stuck my foot in my mouth at work yesterday. Sigh. This is why I usually don't talk too much when I meet people because I am totally socially inept. My problem is that I'm comfortable enough at work that I don't think about what I say--at least not enough. My social faux pas was mentioning I thought of one of my engineers when I saw some idiot riding his bike on a two-lane road with no shoulder because of the snow. And that I thought the bike rider was a moron. My engineer rides his bike in winter, too, which is why I thought of him, but I didn't mean to imply I thought he was a moron. Why don't I think before I open my mouth? Gah!

One last final note. :-) I swear, no more after this. I'm supposed to have homework for my online class done today. Big, huge GAH! This is hard homework requiring hours of work on my part--hours, quite frankly, that I don't have.