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Friday, December 14, 2007

Texas Gold and Ten Down

I found out yesterday that Eternal Nights is a finalist for Best Paranormal in the Texas Gold Awards. This is the first time for me in this one because to be eligible, the author needs to be from Texas or have the book set primarily in Texas, or a main character who's Texan. Wyatt is from Fort Worth. :-)

I'm still going through the galleys and I found a huge oops--and it was mine. :-( During copy edits I needed to clarify who someone was, and when I did it, I thought I was in the heroine's Point of View (POV) and wrote it that way. Yesterday I found out I was wrong.

The scary thing is that I read right past the paragraph as if everything was fine and it wasn't until I was halfway through the next page that I noticed something was off. I stopped and went back to reread. It still took me a minute to figure it out. Thank goodness I spotted it. I'm a POV purist, and when I break that, I want it to be for a specific reason, not by accident. It won't take much to fix it, but this was one close call. :-)

Otherwise, I'm not finding a lot that needs to be fixed. That's worrying me since I don't want to miss stuff.