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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Organization Tech

It's no secret that I love taking online classes. I'm always ready to learn something new, and since I'm a geek, who loves to make technology work for me, a lot of the classes I've signed up for are related to some computer program or another.

One of the programs I really would like to learn is Microsoft Access, but it's not an intuitive program at all. For years, it's sat--unused--on my hard drive. I found a class, though, that claims it can teach me Access by comparing it with Excel and I do know Excel kind of well because of my day job. And since this class was on sale, I signed up.

I've hardly gone through any of the lectures yet, so I can't review how well the class is working for me, but I did see the overview of what Access can do, and it could potentially be a great tool for writing. I'd love to create a form for my characters--not only the hero and heroine, but all the secondary characters too. Then I could punch in what book they're from, what their general appearance is, other details I need to remember, and best of all, it would be quickly searchable when I needed the information.

Or how about creating a form to record my book collection? I have more than a 1000 books all listed in a spreadsheet, but once upon a time, I had a form in Microsoft Works that was so slick. I'd love to have that back again. Music collection, movie collection, the possibilities are endless.

But first I actually have to take the class, something I'm notoriously slow about doing even when I'm enthusiastic about one of them. :-/