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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Polish Mansion

I was looking for pictures of mansions today and I found one that left me stunned. It's in Poland and comes complete with 14 bedrooms, 25 full baths and 14 partial baths. O_O I'm trying to figure out what someone would need with that many bathrooms. That's more than double the number of bedrooms. Now I can see the tactical advantage of having conveniently located bathrooms throughout the house, but 29 of them?

According to the listing (it's for sale), it also has a guest house, stables, tennis courts, carriage house (with real, antique carriages), a helipad, a private airport, a home theater, a billards room, staff quarters, a wine cellar, and 2 polo fields. Yep, 2 of them. It also has an indoor arena for practicing polo in the winter.

If you'd like to look at it yourself, here's the link, but I can't promise it's still active. For all I know, mansions like this fly off the real estate listings. :-) Since I don't move in these circles, I have no idea.

By the way, the stables can hold 60 horses. I know, right? But apparently polo tournaments are held there in the summer and all the visiting polo players probably need space for their horses to spend the night. BTW, there are summer and winter paddocks--whatever that means. I don't know anything about horses either.

The property is stunning both inside and outside, but the exterior is especially extraordinary. I seriously need to have a hero or heroine visit/live in a mansion like this.