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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I Heart Purple

I found a pen that I absolutely love! The ink flows smoothly, it comes in purple, and it's erasable! That makes it perfect for using in my planner and perfect for making notes on any stories I'm working on. I adore it!

(Not to discount my fountain pen, which I also love, but it's not erasable and it bleeds through my planner pages, so I don't use it there.)

Anyway, I love this pen and I was at work when the ink ran out. Boo! Actually, the ink ran out rather fast compared to other pens I use and like, but I'll live with that as long as I have the ability to erase. I hate having to cross things out when I make a mistake. It's my perfectionist streak, I'm sure.

Sorry. So the pen runs out of ink and I check to see if it's refillable. It is. Cool. I jump online (it was lunch) to buy some refill cartridges. And discover the purple is only available as part of a three-pack with aqua and pink. Hmm. It's not that I don't like the aqua or pink, but I haven't really been using those colors and I can see a situation where I end up with 30 aqua and pinks and I'm out of purple.

The only solution I can see is to buy the 12 pack of purple pens. I hate to throw the barrels away because that's plain wasteful, but they don't sell a box of just purple like they do for blue ink and I'm sure black ink, too. I guess there isn't the demand for purple, but I'd rather buy refills and reload the pen.

The other solution, I guess, would be to use pink and aqua regularly and then buy the three pack. We'll see. :-)