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Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Biggest Ebook Frustration

I confessed on Tuesday that I've reached a point where I prefer reading ebooks over print books, something I never thought would happen. I started out on a regular Kindle, but now I read on my iPad and I prefer the backlit screen, maybe because it's what I'm used to with computers.

But what makes me absolutely crazy is the organization system. Tagging books into collections isn't good enough.

I like folders. Collections are in folders, sort of, but it's a PITA to tag the titles.

On the iPad I want to be able to hold on the book with my finger and then slide it into a folder like I do with apps on the main screen. This would be so much faster and a lot less frustrating than the current procedure.

Instead when I hold with my finger, a menu appears. I have to select collections and then another list appears with all of my collections listed. After I select one, I have to choose done.

It's cumbersome, and because I had hundreds of ebooks before Kindle created collections, I have a ton of books that need to be sorted. Gah! And just to make it extra hard, the books view still shows all books, even ones that I've already tagged. The only way to know they've been put in a collection already is to go through the process and see the title is already checked.

This is sooooo frustrating. Sigh.

I read a fair amount on the Kobo reader for iPad too. This is probably my favorite reader and they make collections slightly easier. When I create a collection there, it pulls up a list of all my books and lets me go through them and check each one I want in the collection. This is so much easier! I wish Kindle would adopt it.