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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Death of a Coffee Maker

After more than 8 years of faithful service, my coffee maker died. I loved my coffee maker. Loved! But alas, all appliances have a life span. The only good thing is that it died over a weekend. Can you imagine a Monday morning without coffee waiting? Gah!

After brewing a cup in my mini pot and lugging the backup coffee maker out of the garage and cleaning it, I started shopping for a replacement. I was hoping to find my same exact coffee maker, but none of the online stores I looked at had it. I decided it must have been discontinued.

It wasn't as quick or as easy as I'd hoped. So many coffee makers are plain ugly. I don't expect stop-me-in-my-tracks beautiful, but I did want something attractive. I also insisted my coffee maker have a timer on it. That's my one, can't live without it feature. During the work week, I want to wake up to fresh-brewed, piping hot coffee. These two things bundled together increased my difficulty level greatly.

I finally found one coffee maker I liked. I didn't love it, but you can't have everything. It had lots of good reviews. I scanned a few of those and discovered I'd have to set my timer every night if I wanted coffee when I woke up in the morning. Every night! And the review said it took five clicks.

Back to searching.

After combing through multiple online shopping sites for hours, I finally thought, I wonder if the Mr. Coffee website has something similar to my dearly departed, faithful coffee maker? I decided to go look.

There was a coffee maker similar to mine. Ooh! I tried to order it, but my browser wouldn't cooperate. I pulled up a different browser and this time I paged a little farther. And there it was. A replica of my deceased coffee maker! I swooned in bliss and pressed the button to put it in my shopping cart. This was what I wanted. They did still make my exact coffee maker. ::bliss::

Replacement arrived last week. It wobbles slightly even though the bottom appears to be even. :-/ But when I brewed my first pot of coffee Saturday morning, everything tasted just right.

Welcome to the family new coffee maker. May you brew as long as old faithful did.