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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Etsy Addiction

Somewhere along the way, I seem to have developed an Etsy problem. As in I can't stop shopping on there. It came as a shock to me since I never shopped there at all until one of my planner groups kept sharing pictures of awesome stickers from there.

Yes, my planner addiction seems to have spawned my Etsy addiction.

Mostly I buy stickers. I like to use them to highlight items like doctor, dentist, hair appointments; grocery shopping, cleaning day, garbage day, etc.

I started out small. Just the appointment stickers. They're so bright and eye catching that it would be a good way to mark them. And since shipping for a few pages of stickers is no more expensive than it is for one page, I picked up a few I thought might be useful.

Somehow, it exploded from there. Now I have more stickers than I know what to do with and I still have two more purchases headed my way. I tried to add a frowny face there, but I had to delete it. I don't feel frowny. I like my stickers, but oh, boy are they more expensive than I feel they should be for a tiny (and I do mean TINY) sheet.

The other part that makes me not like this addiction is that I own the machine that can cut out these stickers. I bought it years ago for scrapbooking, but I'm too busy (and maybe a little lazy) to figure out how to use the dang thing for this purpose.

And on Saturday, I received a shipment of washi tape. That's right. I've expanded to new items. Gah!