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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Four Tendencies

In one of my groups, someone posted a link to The Four Tendencies Quiz. I love taking personality quizzes, so I clicked over there ASAP. My result surprised me and I took the test again. And again. Four times and I got the same result every time. I still don't think it fits me.

The four tendencies are:

Upholder - this person meets inner and outer expectations
Obliger - this person meets outer expectations, but resists inner expectations
Questioner - meets inner expectations, but resists outer expectations
Rebel - resists inner and outer expectations

I scored as a rebel. Four times. For real.

Where I see myself is as an obliger. I take care of whatever I'm assigned at work and almost never resist. The one exception was when one of my co-workers wanted me to be a stenographer. I don't have the skills to be an admin or the temperament for it. But in general, tell me you need something done and I do it. I'm very good at meeting expectations.

However, when it comes to my inner expectations, I often fail to meet them. Not all the time. I make To Do lists every weekend and I always finish the critical items like groceries and laundry.

I am contrary, though. I like to do things my way, and as long as it gets done correctly, why can't I do it the way I want? I'm also notorious for asking for someone's opinion and choosing the opposite. Like there are two pairs of shoes I want to purchase, but can only get one. If I ask someone which one I should buy and they say pair A, I will end up buying pair B.

So I'm not sure where this leaves me. A rebel in denial? A mis-characterized Obliger? Hmm.