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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Thanksgiving Shopping Surprise

In the evening on Thanksgiving Day, I did some online shopping. One of these stores was having door busters and there was one I wanted. Yes, it was planner related. I'm so bad about my planners. I put it in my cart and continued shopping. I never expected them to sell my copy out from under me!

Yes, my Thanksgiving shopping surprise was not a good one.

I always thought that once you put something in your cart when you shopped online that it belonged to you unless you left your cart idle for too long. I wasn't idle. I was shopping for more items to buy because, you know, sale. Then I go to check out and I get a message that one of my items is out of stock and I'm like, no it isn't. The store wouldn't let me order anything out of stock.

I saw there was one item that I accidentally had two of. Maybe that was the problem. I changed it to one, but I still had the error message.

Another item had a link with the message "Edit item." This must be my culprit. I switched colors. Nope, still had the error message even with the new color. I deleted the item all together thinking that maybe both colors were out of stock. Nope.

Frustrated and unable to check out, I start opening items. It was the first one, the item I wanted most of all, that I had put in my cart first thing in the shop. It now had an "out of stock" message.

This aggravated the hell out of me. Should I have ordered that one item immediately and then gone back to shopping? And paid shipping TWICE? Grr. It never occurred to me that they would sell the copy I had in my active shopping cart out from under me. Massive fail. Massive.

WTH, Michaels?