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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dry as the Sahara

This year I did most of the cooking for Thanksgiving. The gravy was from a package, but turned out awesome without any lumps. That was a win. My turkey was another story.

Last year, I did a turkey breast in the slow cooker and it was dry. I blamed the recipe I used because it said to put the bone side down and the meat/breast side up. I decided that was my problem and that if I put the meat down into the soup, there'd be no problem. I've made chicken breast in the slow cooker many times and it's always submerged and it's always moist and yummy.

So this year, I got up early and got the breast ready for the slow cooker. I added four cans of soup to make sure as much of the turkey as possible was covered, added a little seasoning, and waited for deliciousness.

That's not what came out. My turkey was dry. Possibly as dry as last year.

My theory now is that I overcooked it. The guideline I saw on the internet for turkey temperature was 165 degrees. Mine came out of the slow cooker at over 210 degrees. The mystery here is that the turkey breast weighed more than the chicken breasts I've cooked and I've done the exact same length of time with both. The chicken? Perfection. The turkey? Fail.

The only consolation I have is that dry turkey continues a family tradition. My mom always ended up with desert-dry birds, too. :-) Next year, I'll try less time in the slow cooker. ::sigh::