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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review: Captain America: Civil War

Warning: There might be spoilers ahead.

Watching Captain America: Civil War might not have been my best choice of movie because I'm not a fan of the superhero genre. I find the movies to be boring, the characters cardboard, and the plots silly or trite. Still, I'd been assured that the new superhero movies were good and that I should give them another try. This one had a nearly 5-star rating on Netflix and I needed something to watch, so I said why not? 

Basically, Captain American and Iron Man are on the outs and the Avengers are picking sides. There was some other plot thing going on too, but I'm writing this a week after watching it and I have absolutely no memory of what it was. That tells you a lot right there.

This movie failed for me on a lot of levels. The biggest was an assumption made by the scriptwriters that everyone watching the movie was familiar with the previous movies. This wasn't true because I'd never seen any of the earlier films. Nothing was explained and I was left confused because there was no setup to explain to me who these characters were or what their relationships with each other was. I think there was a flashback, but that wasn't clear to me either because I had no idea who these characters were.

The characters were flat, their backstories (what little was actually given) were simplistic, and there wasn't much dialogue. I guess they couldn't fit it in between all the fight scenes.

That was the other issue--the constant action. It got boring.

And the plot? Forgettable. What there was of it. I nearly turned this movie off a few times, but because I had nothing else lined up to watch and because I wanted something on while I crocheted, I just let this film play out.

The one part I liked was the young Spiderman character. He was funny and his part in one of the fight scenes was the only thing that prevented it from being tedious.

These superhero movies really aren't my thing and this one convinced me to never waste my time on them again. I liked Robert Downey Jr. I liked Tom Holland who played the young Spiderman, but ultimately they weren't bright enough to overcome a weak script, little dialogue, and no reason to care about any of these characters.

Two thumbs down.