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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Working Podcast

I found a new podcast that's intriguing. I've only listened to two episodes so far and that's a little too soon to tell if it's going to be something I listen to regularly or not. It's called Working and it's done by Slate. Just the fact Slate is involved put it on my radar. They do a really good job both with the podcasts and with their articles, but I probably would have checked it out no matter who produced it because it has an intriguing premise.

Working interviews people about their professions.

Not astronauts or actors or professional athletes. Normal people in everyday professions. This is so cool that I can hardly stand it!

The first episode I listened to was about what a tailor does. The second was an interview with a nail artist. There are a lot of other episodes already produced that I haven't listened to, but I'll probably go backward strategically and only listen to topics that I'm interested in or ones where I have a character who does that profession.

Anyway, I loved the episode with the tailor. I learned a lot and that was awesome. I also really liked the woman who was interviewed and wish she was in my area so I could have her shop do the work I'd suddenly like done. :-) Sadly, she's in Washington DC. I have a feeling most (if not all) of those interviewed for the show will be in that city since it appears that's where the host of the show is based.

The second episode on the nail artist was less interesting. It might have something to do with the fact there were very few surprises here. One of the few was that she can create nail art in just a couple of minutes (or less) per nail. I guess those woman on Pinterest aren't spending all day on their manicures. ;-)

This show seems like it'll be a valuable resource for writers. So many careers prove difficult to research and here's a podcast that's less than 45 minutes long that covers what various jobs entail. The interviewer also asked some good questions, things I might have asked myself. That's another win.

Overall, I'd recommend giving this a try, but maybe choosing professions you have an interest in.