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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Super Duper Target

***I received no compensation of any kind from anyone for this post.***

More thoughts from my Minnesota trip.

Growing up--and living most of my life--in Minnesota, I took a few things for granted. Like Target. From where I lived, I had three Target stores nearby. I could go to any of the three of them without having to drive very far. One of these three is not just a Super Target, but like a Super Duper Colossal Target. :-) The kind with a nearly full grocery store in addition to an enormous rest of the store.

It was like walking into heaven. (FYI, I love Target!)

There's only one Target near me in Georgia and it's not that close. It also doesn't have the space or the amount of merchandise that I saw in the Minnesota Target.

At the Minnesota store, I saw these awesome welcome mats. The welcome mat I have now (also purchased at MN Target when I moved into my MN house) is faded and starting to wear. I thought about replacing it with one of the cute mats I spotted on this trip, but my dad had misled me about the amount of stuff we had to haul down from MN to GA, and I knew the car was going to be tight. I decided I'd check out my GA Target for the mats.

I should have bought the welcome mat I liked while I was in Minnesota. They did not have them at my local store. It was also sad to walk into my local store and see how much smaller it was than my old Minnesota favorite.

There are so many things I miss about Minnesota, but one of the big ones is having my choice of awesome Target stores close at hand.

PS: Ditto for Caribou Coffee. OMG, it was a dream to have so many Caribou stores close to me wherever I was in the Twin Cities! I don't even have a Caribou anywhere near me in Georgia and I have to order my coffee online. Sadness.

***I received no compensation of any kind from anyone for this post.***