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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Office Rehab

My office has literally been a disaster since my stuff was moved to Georgia. I kept meaning to take care of that room, but meh. Talk about no fun at all. It's continued to get worse and worse because it's just too easy to dump more crap in there when it's already a mess. And then there comes the day where you absolutely have to tackle it.

Today was that day. (I'm writing this on a Saturday.) At least it was day one of what will be a multi-day project.

I was right--it wasn't fun. One of the things I had to do that I didn't like was get rid of my Smithsonian Magazines. I love Smithsonian Magazine! I literally read it cover to cover...when I had time to read it. That was part of the problem. Because I did read everything in it, it took me forever to get through an issue and then they started backing up. I moved at least two years worth of the magazine from Minnesota to Georgia. And never read them. It seemed sad to get rid of them, but what were the odds I was going to read magazines that were more than five years old? Exactly.

The other thing that cropped up was power cords for electronics. Which electronics? Well, that was the million dollar question. (And it still is a question.) Why the heck don't these companies put the name of the product on the damn power cord? I honestly have a ton of power cords that I don't dare get rid of, but have no idea what item they're for. Gah!

There were many little things I didn't want to get rid of: pins for winning writing contests, pins for my milestone company anniversaries; and ear buds. I kept buying ear buds because I thought I needed them, but no, I didn't. I have a million pairs of the things. Sigh.

And I didn't get rid of nearly enough stuff. I know this, but it's hard. The worst part is that there's still so much left to do in there. I was hoping to get it done in one day, but just couldn't. I guess this project rolls to tomorrow.