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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Pillow Problem

I like to try out pillows. Some I end up using for a while, but a lot of them are only used a few times, maybe up to two weeks and then I decide that I don't like them. Now I have pillows up the wazoo and nowhere to put them. :-(

I would love to donate them to someone--anyone--but I haven't been able to find any charity that will accept pillows. I understand the reasons for this, but it makes me sad because this leaves me with only two options. Number one: keep the pillows forever, unused and taking up space. Number two: throw them in the trash, which hurts my soul because taking up landfill space with pillows that are practically new is criminal.

So far, I'm going with option one and I've stopped testing new pillows, but I really need that space.

I've found articles about upcycling pillows. First, I hate the term upcycling. Most of the projects I see with this word look worse than whatever is being re-purposed. Second, I don't want any of those things in my house because they're still taking up space and I don't like them anyway.

Sometimes I wonder what it will take to get me to throw these pillows away, but mostly I just hope that this time when I search online, I'll find a charity that will accept them.