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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Latest Knitting Project

Hopefully, by the time this posts, my cousin will already have her gift. Otherwise I'll be rescheduling this blog post so I don't ruin her surprise.

One of my cousins recently (as of my writing of this post) moved into a new home. I wanted to send her something cute and then I remembered the free pattern for the Kitten Kaboodle Dishcloth. Since she loves cats, I thought this would be perfect. Plus the pattern is easy, and as a beginner, that's my speed. :-)

I bought the yarn and plan to make 3 of them, possibly 4 depending on how fast it goes. The first one had a few errors, but overall, I'm happy with how it turned out. It hasn't been blocked yet, which means getting it into the right shape for you non-knitters, and I still need to handle the loose ends, which you can see on the top left and lower right, but there is a dishcloth with the outline of a cat, so I'm calling #1 done.

My gauge was a little small, so I went up a needle size for the second one. I'm still working on that, so no pictures. I had a really hard time with the beginning because I thought I needed to cast on 51 stitches and the subsequent instructions weren't working. It took me a little while before it occurred to me to double check the cast on. Sure enough. It calls for 55 stitches. I'm hoping I'm on track now because I have a shawl to work on and a few more projects behind it.