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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

No More Dual Planners

I've used a mid-year planner for years and it's always kind of bothered me having a switch at July, but I couldn't see going without a planner for 6 months. I rely heavily on my planner and I didn't want to run dual planners. Or I didn't until I found almost the perfect planner (for me). I've reviewed my planner before, but just an FYI, I use Start Planner. (No Compensation for me of any kind.)

So my planner was almost perfect, but the bound version has Saturday and Sunday share a page. Um, these the two busiest days in my week. I need full pages for both of them. After almost six months of doctoring the page up so that I at least had two full halves (the planner gave me 2/3rd of 1 page for both days), I changed in January to the Fancy Pants version of Start Planner. This is a six-ring binder system instead of spiral-bound, but it gave me full pages for both Saturday and Sunday and I loved that! (With a few caveats which I won't get into here.)

I just couldn't put a half-finished planner on the shelf, though, and so from January first through June 30, I used both planners. Yes, it was totally annoying trying to remember to record things in both planners.

Well, June 30 has come and gone and I'm down to one planner again! I am so happy! Well, as happy as I can be with only two months of the year put into my binder, but that's another story and it's my only quibble. I feel incredibly free, as if a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Don't ask me why. I mean really, writing in two planners isn't exactly a huge chore, but it began to feel that way.

And really, to give you an idea how big a deal this is to me, here I am blogging about it weeks later. What can I say? I'm finally free from dual planners!