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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Let There Be Cool Lights

My style in decor is all modern/contemporary. I like clean lines with no swirls or curls. Keep the farmhouse/rustic look. Keep the traditional style. They're not for me.

One of the big negatives about the new house I bought is how traditional it is. Some of it is far too expensive to do anything about--the biggest example being my kitchen cabinets. OMG, I dislike them. They are vanilla in color (I prefer my wood be stained and not painted), they have this black line framing each door and drawer, and the crown molding at the top has a rope pattern that screams traditional. Ugh! Don't even get me started about the oiled bronze faucet, drawer pulls, lighting, door knobs, everything else.

Some of the oiled bronze, though, is replaceable because it isn't ridiculously expensive to do so and because I like mixing metals. I believe mixing metals has even become fashionable. Gradually, though, I hope to rid myself of almost all the oiled bronze and replace it with modern brushed nickel.

I began my campaign in the master bathroom.

The old light fixtures:

This is already down. I didn't think to take a picture when they were over the mirrors. (Two mirrors, two light fixtures.)

Here's my new lights:

To me, this looks sooooooooo much better. No swirls. No bell-shaped glass.

I also replaced the toilet paper holder in the water closet with brushed nickel. Three oiled bronze albatrosses gone, a million left to go.