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Friday, February 02, 2018

Georgia Winter

For those of you who don't know, I was born in Minnesota and spent most of my life there. I've only lived in Atlanta for six years--that's when my job was relocated down there. I was thinking about this recently and doing a little mental compare/contrast with Minnesota.

In January Atlanta was caught up in some cold snaps. The temperatures were in the 40s for highs.

Me in MN: 40s! OMG, it's so warm! I wish it would stay this way all winter.
Me in GA: OMG, it's so cold! It needs to warm up. I can't take this arctic air!

Me in MN: It's the end of October and temps are in the 30s. I don't care if you guys make fun of me for wearing my winter jacket, winter hat, and mittens. I'm cold.
Me in GA: I'm not putting on my damn winter jacket. I hate that thing. It's in the 20s (low temps), but I just have to run from the car to the building.

Me in MN: Two inches of snow? Damn it, that's a freaking nuisance.
Me in GA: Two inches of snow? OMG, I better bring my laptop home so I can work from the house and I have to get to the grocery store now!

In my defense, the drivers in Atlanta can't handle driving in the rain. Snow brings out extra insanity and I don't want to be on the road with them. The working from home and groceries are so I don't have to leave my house until the insanity has passed.

Even my dad, who's only lived down here two years after living in Minnesota for most of his adult life, has changed. Now, if it's in the 20s or 30s at night, he won't go to his lodge meetings. He tells me it's too cold to go out. This makes me chuckle because it wasn't too cold for him when he lived in Minneapolis. :-) I'll still go out in the cold, but I'm not happy about it. (I almost put "cold" in quotes because seriously, 30s in Minnesota in January is called the January Thaw.)

I thought I'd share my change in winter thoughts because it struck me as ironic. And it's 29 degrees as I'm writing this--my dad just said, "I'm glad we don't have to go out today."