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Thursday, January 04, 2018

New Year, New Planner

One of the things I love most about a new year is starting my new planner! In 2017, I had a planner in a binder which had a huge benefit--Saturday and Sunday had their own pages--but one enormous drawback. I could only fit two months in the binder and I wanted my whole year in one place.

For 2018, I went back to a spiral planner, and while I'm sad that Saturday and Sunday are on the same page again, it gives me peace to have my whole year accessible.

I've already gone through my planner and added some stickers: I use dividers to add some space to the weekends, I put a "Weekend" sticker over the header they have on the bottom half of the page (who the hell makes a grocery list in their planner anyway???), I added "water the plants" stickers, and stickers for all the holidays.

They've made a few tweaks to the 2018 planner that I'm struggling to get used to like the glasses of water. I used to just draw a line through each glass I drank, now they're little bubbles. Do I color them in? Do I still cross them out? I've tried both and can't decide.

Also, in 2017 they did away with the check off boxes and I got used to using a highlighter to cross through the things I accomplished. This year the check boxes are back, and while I loved them in 2016, I am having a hard time remembering to use them this year. I'm sure I'll get back on track with this in no time, but for now, I'm struggling.

This year I also bought a second planner, one that's strictly for budgeting. While my regular planner does have a budget component, it isn't working for me. This budget planner has a number of features I think will be helpful, including recording what you spend each day. A bit cumbersome, but after moving this year, I'd like to restore my savings account to where it was before I paid for all the stuff on the old house, as well as the new house.

And I've ordered a writer's planner. I have two other ones that I didn't use (I think both are undated), but I'm still ever hopeful that this one will click more for me.

I don't know about three planners, though. I'm good with one, but I've fallen down in the past when I've tried to segment my life. 2017 is littered with the fitness planner (I just kept track of this stuff in my regular planner), two writer planners (see above), a business/goals planner, and a personal/emotional goals planner. None of which I used past March. Some didn't make it out of January.

Here's hoping I can stick with the budget planner and that this new writer planner clicks for me.