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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Light Bulb Moment

This post is about actual light bulbs. not epiphanies. Once upon a time, light bulbs used to be easy, but not now. Now it takes research and trying to decide which bulb, which lumens, etc. It's enough to frustrate the heck out of a person. Okay, it frustrates me!

I'd worked out all the light bulbs in my former home and it was all good. Then I moved. Most of the bulbs were okay. Not what I would have chose, but livable. Except for the ceiling fixtures.

I can't stand the CFL bulbs. (I think CFL is what they're called.) Those twisty, soft-serve ice cream looking bulbs. They're not instant on. I flip a switch and they stay dim and awful until they're on for a while. Literally can't tolerate them at all. When I turn a switch on, I want my light now. And every single ceiling light fixture in this house has a CFL bulb in it.

At first, I thought I could live with it until they needed to be replaced, but a few weeks of frustration proved otherwise. I wanted to swap them for LED bulbs which meant research to find a bulb that could be inside an enclosed fixture. Like I said, light bulbs used to be easy.

I did find one I like and I had my handyman replace almost all the bulbs. I would have had all of them done, but my office wasn't unpacked from the move then and he literally couldn't get a ladder in there to reach the fixture. :-/ Now I have things in a little better shape. Not great, but better.

It was an instant improvement. I could actually see right away! Bliss!