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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Blanket Blues

I am knitting a blanket. It's not a large, but it's not a baby blanket either. I've done other blankets before this, but they were crocheted and they were 1) baby blankets or 2) done with super bulky yarn and crocheted up fast. This yarn is not bulky and the throw needs to be big enough for a grade school boy, so much, much bigger than a baby blanket.

I've learned a valuable lesson--never, ever knit a blanket!

It's taking forever! I didn't do a swatch to see if I matched the pattern's gauge and I must be off because I should be at the 40% mark, and as I look at the blanket, I'm like, um, yeah, no. I'm nowhere near 40%.

At first, I told myself I wasn't allowed to knit anything except the blanket. I thought this would guarantee that I focused on it, but I reached a point where I couldn't stand to look at it any longer. So I grabbed two of the patterns for which I've bought yarn and am debated which one to do. Either one of them will challenge my skill set and I'm torn between wanting the challenge (yea!) or wanting something simple. Although, if I wanted something simple and repetitive, I have that blanket.

I'll get it done--I promised--but I'm burnt out already.