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Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Glacial Software

For reasons I can't understand, it's cheaper to buy a new version of my anti-virus software every year than it is to renew. We're not talking a small difference either. It's $30 cheaper for me to buy it new. That's a lot of money! It's also a PITA.

If it were the same price, or at least close, I would prefer to do the renewal. It's a lot more work to uninstall the old software, buy the new one, and do an install.

And this time it was hellish to say the least.

After I loaded and initialized the anti-virus software, my internet slowed to a crawl. Not all of it. Gmail came up as quick as always, but every other site sat and spun, including Facebook. It wasn't only one browser either. Both the browsers I use reacted the same way.

An online search showed I wasn't the only person who'd had this problem, but I didn't see a clear-cut answer on how to fix it. I basically uninstalled and reinstalled it twice. Right now it seems to be working, but the real test will be tomorrow morning. If only everyone was honest and trustworthy and there was no need to worry about viruses or malware or ransomware, then I could ditch the anti-virus software. Sigh.

It seems as if it's always something that takes a lot more time than it should. Add new anti-virus software to that list.