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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Small, Boring Pleasures

I discovered a feature on my new programmable thermostats that I didn't realize it had. I can select a temperature range and if it drops below the low end, the heat will come on. If it climbs above the high end the air conditioner will go on. This is so smart and the feature I always wanted, but didn't know I wanted. :-)

This is perfect for the transitional times of year--spring and fall mostly--where the temperature can be cold one day and hot the next or vice versa. And since my dad won't touch the thermostat, not even the old one we got replaced, now I don't have to worry about checking my app to see if the house is too warm or too cold for him while I'm at work. Totally cool.

I actually discovered the option when I was looking at the app on my phone, trying to figure out if it showed the actual temperature inside the house, not just what I had it set at. That's when I saw it, the heat-cool mode.

Prior to spotting this, I'd liked the new thermostat, but wasn't wowed by it. Now I'm wowed. Great feature. Yea!