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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Lunch Bag Quest Follow-Up

When I blogged about my quest for a lunch bag that didn't take up tons of space in the refrigerator, I added at the bottom that I'd chosen the snack box.

It wasn't a bad choice, not exactly.

It's good on days when I bring those egg cups you can buy in the dairy section of the supermarket. When I add a cup of yogurt, it's tight, but it still works. So I can squeeze in an egg cup, a yogurt, a wrap, a baggie of lettuce, and a baggie of deli chicken.

The problem? There is no way this snack box is wide enough to accommodate overnight oats, which is what I normally take for breakfast. Even if I switch containers to something narrower, I don't think it will fit. Not if I want to bring everything I need.

Here's a shot of the snack box from the side, so you can see just how little width there actually is.

I'm definitely still going to use this on the days where I bring eggs for breakfast, but I had to try a second option for oats day. It's supposed to be delivered today. Fingers crossed that this next option isn't too big and bulky.

Right now, all I can think is please don't make me have to learn to sew my own lunch bag. I'm this close to having to make my own tote bag, but that's another online shopping saga.