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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Series Bible Follow Up

I bought a third Notion template. This one is specifically a series bible template. The other two were not. One was for the business side of being an author and the other was more for one book only.

As I was searching, looking for some kind of series bible that didn't have a ridiculous price tag ($45, really? For a template? Gah!), I stumbled across one from the same person from whom I bought the author biz template and they'd sent me a coupon!

So I picked up their series bible and took it for a test drive.

I mostly like it. It's helpful and the layout is good. Transferring over four books of data is not working for me, so I'm working from my spreadsheet, OneNote, and Notion.

Of course, the template isn't perfect and I want to tweak it. My problem? I don't know Notion well enough to mess around too much.

I did duplicate the template so if I mess up, I still have the original in pristine condition, but I've been playing around with my copy. I'm learning some things. Watching videos on my down time. Trying things out and undoing them when they don't work. I've looked for something like Notion for Dummies, but there aren't many books available.

The videos I've found have been helpful to a degree, but not exactly what I need to figure things out. I'm sure if I keep watching, things will eventually start becoming clearer and I've always been good with computers.

But this is a hell of a lot of work to go through. I can see the potential Notion has to be an awesome resource for a wide variety of things, but very little feels intuitive to me. We'll see where this goes, but wow.