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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


It snowed again yesterday. :-( That meant my usual 25 minute commute expanded to an hour and a half. Make that a white-knuckled hour and a half. Top speed was about 30 miles an hour, but most of the drive was at 1o mph. That was a good thing because the roads were horrible. It's up early today and out the door ASAP because of the conditions.

The only thing that made the day bearable was arriving home and finding my coffee table and end tables on the door step! Yea! The problem was dragging snow covered boxes into the house. I'm hugely excited to have these tables and absolutely can't wait to fold up the step ladder (my makeshift coffee table) and put it away. I just have to get my dad to come over and assemble the new furniture. :-/

On the plant front, I talked here about the bugs in my amaryllis. The nursery suggested some stuff that mixes with water, goes into the soil, and kills them. I can't wait for that to arrive. They said the bugs are harmless, just a nuisance, but I don't like them in my house. I don't care if they are harmless. I'll also have to dose my bamboo plant with this stuff, I guess. The guy said that the bugs will make their way to other plants in the house and that's all I have.

Speaking of bugged, last night just before midnight, the phone rang. Wrong number. Not only was it a wrong number, it was someone's computer trying to connect to the internet. I've had calls like that on my voice mail when I've gotten home from work, but I never had a call in the middle of the night before. You'd think the fact that they've never connected dialing my number might encourage the person to delete it. Apparently not. Grrr.