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Thursday, December 06, 2007


Right now I have two projects burning to get written and I can only focus on one at a time. I've kind of switched, though, to the second idea because I'm having difficulty writing the first. I'm not sure why. The only thing I can think of is the structure is wrong. I knew going in that this one was going to be a pain to try to set up right because of how the h/h meet and know each other. The prologue went well, but chapter one? I struggled with it, and while it's done, I'm not sure I'm happy with what I have.

Idea two is more tempting because it's less formed, and let's face it, new ideas are always more interesting. :-) The thing about number two is that I don't know the hero of the book and I really don't have much beyond the heroine's name and that she can kick butt. This means that I can't really write this one either, but I have been fiddling with a synopsis of sorts.

Basically, I'm not sure what to do right now and it's frustrating. Then add to this that I'm taking an online class that expects a lot of homework--most of it requiring a lot of thought--and I feel like I'm getting nothing accomplished on my writing. I think what I'm going to do today is take a notepad and work out what I can on paper for both stories. With a little luck, that will help me figure out which project to work on first and what to do with them.