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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Addicted to Learning

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that I'm addicted to wanting to learn. You see, I have this really bad habit of buying online classes and then not actually doing them. I have computer classes 1-5 to learn Spanish. And German. (Although the German would be more of a refresher since I took it for five years in school.)

I've signed up (and paid for) a ton of classes on Udemy--mostly computer software classes, but a few others as well. I really need to do them. I really should do them. But I don't.

Writing organizations have online classes as well, most of them conducted through Yahoo Groups and I have most of the emails tucked away to read later. Not all of them. I actually did manage to complete some of these, but in all honesty, I have more left to read than ones I already have read.

Free classes--they're out there too and I have them bookmarked on my computer. Somewhere. Free is particularly dangerous because I sign up and then feel zero obligation to do them because they didn't cost me anything. That doesn't mean I'd do them if I had paid for them--it simply means that I'd feel guilty about not following through. :-)

And now I have a new place to sign up for classes that I'm not taking. Craftsy. I did complete the Crochet Basics class, and proud of my accomplishment and wanting to learn more, I started signing up for additional classes. Craftsy also has fed my addiction by wantonly sending me emails letting me know that their classes are on sale. I'm so weak when it comes to learning anyway, but on sale, too? I'm helpless against this double whammy.

I still have hope that I'll get back to these online crochet classes. I only stopped after the first one because I felt as if I needed to complete a few projects and get some experience before taking more advanced lessons. I think this was a good decision. After I finished the first class, I frequently had to refer back to various lessons to remember how to do some of the stitches or other basic stuff. Now I don't have to do that. It's time to move forward and finish another class. Because darn it, I can't keep paying for classes I don't take and I do want to learn all these things. For real.