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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Baby Blanket: Crochet Project 2

I'm writing this blog post far ahead of when it will post because this baby blanket is a gift and I want to make sure the mother-to-be gets it before anything shows up online that gives away the surprise. I also knew that if I waited, I'd lose some of the excitement and sense of accomplishment that I feel right now and I wanted to share while that was fresh.

In a perfect world, I would have started making this blanket for my cousin earlier and had it ready with months to spare, however, I didn't know how to crochet until January and I wasn't far enough along in my lessons to make anything until February. I started this blanket on February 25th and finished it today, March 11th. It's only my second finished crochet project and I'm feeling very satisfied with how it turned out even though it's not perfect.

This was the project where I couldn't find the yarn I wanted anywhere, not even online. The color for this blanket is called Tickle, which was like my third choice for the blanket, but ultimately, I'm thrilled with it...even if I would have preferred more blue since she's having a boy.

My dad asked me tonight how many hours I'd worked on it and I couldn't tell him. All I know is that it took a lot of time.

Now that this blanket is finished, I have two more cousins with children for whom I plan to make blankets. I'm working on the second right now and searching for a pattern for the third. These other two children were born when I didn't know how to crochet, but I didn't want them to feel bad, so I've added two more boys to my project queue. Seriously, though, there needs to be some girls being born. There are the cutest crochet things out there for little girls that I would love to make!