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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Soooo Annoying

Recently, I brought my car in to get the oil changed. When I got my car back, the driver's seat had been lowered as far as it could go and it had been reclined way back. The only thing they hadn't done is changed it's position relative to the wheel and that's probably only because I already have that pushed back all the way. (I'm not tall, but I have longer legs.)

Why do they do this? They're changing the oil, not troubleshooting an odd noise or any other thing that would require more than driving it a few hundred feet. Surely anyone could drive the car with the seat as I had it for that minuscule a distance. I could see sliding the seat backward if I had it pulled way up because it's extremely difficult to drive in that scenario, even a short amount, but not the height or recline. And the guy who brought my car around wasn't that much taller than I am!

It's been forever since I've had to change my seat, so there I am, in the service area with the car running, standing outside the vehicle and studying the three electronic adjustment buttons. None of which are labeled!

I've had this done when I had my car serviced in Minnesota, too, so I know it happens everywhere. You'd think, though, that a smart business would make it policy not to mess up people's seats unless there's no other choice.