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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Retro Phones Or Down the Rabbit Hole

I'd originally planned to only blog about cool, retro phones, but then I realized that the entire story of how I got to the phones would kind of be a good illustration of what creative people are like. At least a good many of the ones that I know. And so I subtitled the post Down the Rabbit Hole.

Everything started out when I was perusing pictures online. I saw the cutest (and I do mean cutest) yellow patent leather pencil case. I began to wonder how much the pencil case cost and maybe I might want one. The picture was a repost, so I went to the original poster's page and scrolled through comments, hoping she cited the pencil case. I lucked out. Someone else had already asked where she'd gotten the case and she gave the name of the company.

Then I discovered this company was based in the UK. I looked through their website, found the pencil case came in hot pink, and immediately switched allegiance from the yellow. Their site said they sold on Amazon, so I did a search there, but only found the yellow pencil case. Disappointment.

Some searching online showed a US-based seller of the UK company's products and I found a link to a review on Amazon, which led me to the pink pencil case! It was under the US reseller's name, not the manufacturer's name. That prompted me to click on the US seller's name, hoping for more of the cool (and bright) products from the UK. They had some of that, but then I spotted the super awesome retro-style phone!

I don't need a phone. It didn't matter. It's retro! I love retro stuff, especially mid-century modern. But the phone pictured didn't have a way to turn off the ringer and that's a deal breaker for me. A little scrolling brought me to the other products customers have looked at, section and more retro phones. :-) And I was off and running.

After all this? I didn't buy a phone and I didn't buy the pencil case.