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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Test Driving a New Planner


I tried a new planning system in conjunction with my daily planner. I wasn't giving up my full year planner, but this new system sounded intriguing. It was a case-bound planner for 90 days. Each day had 2 pages.

This space intrigued me. Two pages?

I love my normal planner, but am beyond frustrated with Saturday and Sunday sharing a single page. Saturday is my biggest say of the week--I need a full page. Sadly, the planner company would rather put pages and pages of lists in there rather than full planner pages for every day of the week.

Seriously, look at this tiny bit of space for a busy, busy weekend. Are you kidding me? But yes, let's keep perforated list pages. I cut those out every year because I never use them and they just get in my way.

But I digress. So the 90 day system sounded intriguing. I'd have to date the pages myself, but I have date stickers and a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine so I can make more stickers whenever I need them. And did I mention it has two pages for each day?

Of course, the other drawback was 90 days, not 365 days. I like having my full year at my fingertips, but I was willing to give it a shot.

After trying it for six months, I've reached my conclusion. It's okay, but it's not going to replace my yearly planner. It's a secondary planner, nothing more.

I thought I might use it to do some brief journaling, and while I did some of this, I didn't do it much. It was good to make lists, like ideas for blog posts. :-) I'm notorious for coming up with ideas, not writing them down, and then totally forgetting them when it's time to write a post. I'm going to try to write it down in my regular planner.

I still couldn't fit everything I need to do on Saturday on the page with the check boxes. I had to make my own check boxes in a second column.

Overall, this system will probably work for some people just fine, but it's not for me. I'll stick to my normal planner, even with the ridiculously small space for my busiest days.