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Thursday, May 13, 2021


I always buy backups to my backups for my favorite things, especially shoes. This is nowhere near as important as it is with running shoes. For example, I loved version 6 of my sneakers, but didn't like version 7 nearly as well. 

BTW, this picture is not of my pair of shoes. I bought it from a royalty free site because I'm too lazy to go to my bedroom and get my shoes for a photo shoot. :-)

Anyway, back to my story. I'd been waiting and waiting for version 8 because I was hoping it would be more like 6 had been. Six was like my nirvana in running shoes and I had bought backup pairs, but I'd gone through all of them and I was forced to wear the newer version.

I checked and checked and checked, but apparently I hadn't checked for a while because when I checked a couple of weeks ago, I discovered the company had DISCONTINUED MY FAVORITE RUNNING SHOES. Gah! I wanted to stock up on the unloved version 7s, but they'd cut the style earlier in the year and there was literally not a pair to be found anywhere online in my size.

I should have bought backups for the pair I didn't love.

I'm super picky about my shoes. It took about six months and I don't know how much shipping back and forth before I found my discontinued style. Now I was going to have to go through it all again?

The good thing is that now I know I like a 4mm drop on my shoe, so I did an online search for different styles to try, read some reviews, checked out some prices, and picked on to try. I got lucky on the first try. I really like this new brand and style. Not as much as my old 6s in the other brand, but still.

The absolutely only thing I don't love is the interior of the shoe is rough and that means I have to wear socks. I do wear socks when I work out, but when I'm running to the store or another errand, I don't. Now I have to.

Which means I have a sock problem. The ones I have slip. I've begun my search for the perfect running socks. Stand by.